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NRG - Portable power Station - 2.3KWh

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  • Input Voltage (AC charging) : 230V-42V 5A ( typical charging time 12 hours)
  • Solar Charging (optional) : Max input power 400W. Max PV current 10A 6.5 x 3mm connector
  • MPPT (solar) input voltage : 12Vdc
  • Output Voltage (Inverter) : 230V 50Hz Pure Sine Wave through 1x True 1 socket
  • No load consumption : <20W
  • Output Power Continuous (Inverter) : 1500W
  • Output Voltage (DC) : 2 x 12V DC car socket. Regulated @ 12.2V (+ or - 1V)
  • USB Output x 2 : 5V @ 3.00A per pair
  • Dimensions : 58cm (L) 58cm (H) inc Wheels 52cm (W)
  • Battery Capacity : 14.8V @ 180Ah (2.3 KWh)
  • Operating temperature range : Charging 0 to 40 Deg C / Discharging -10 to 60 Deg C
  • Weight: 70 kg


2.4KWh energy storage and 1500W AC output @ 240V Class leading All-in-one Li-ion portable powerpack from Ingram AV delivers AC and DC power wherever and whenever you need it

A powerful, highly advanced portable powerpack that delivers AC and DC for more demanding applications. An exceptionally high quality and robust design,

Utilising the latest high energy density lithium-ion battery technology the NRG provides 2.3KWh of electricity from both its rated 1500W AC pure sine wave 230V inverter with outputs on True 1

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