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Bubblebee THE WINDKILLER SE (4018G)

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  • • Designed to fit the DPA 4018G and DPA 4018E low profile supercardioid microphones.
  • • Uses our much-loved, multi-pile fur for the ultimate protection against wind noise.
  • • Transparent inner fabric maintains a very natural frequency response, on or off-axis.
  • • Manufactured in Denmark with quality and comfort in mind by sound lovers, for sound lovers.
  • Weight: 0.1 kg


The Windkiller SE (Special Edition) uses our finest imitation fur to effectively protect your DPA 4018G or 4018E mic against wind noise. The outer layer of The Windkiller SE for DPA 4018G features our high-density, soft, multi-pile fur to gradually slow the wind down before reaching your mic. Inside, The Windkiller SE uses a super soft and smooth, open material. This allows your mic to sound as transparent as possible, whilst protecting your recordings against harmful wind noises. The black elastic band and press stud keeps The Windkiller SE firmly attached to your mic, whilst seamlessly blending into the windshield to remain discreet.

When fitted correctly, The Windkiller SE holds a bubble of dead air around the front of the mic capsule, allowing the microphone to function as naturally as possible and keeping wind interference at bay.

Please note all prices are exclusive of VAT
+ 20% will be added to your order