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Sennheiser - L 6000 - EW-DX Network Charger - 507300

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  • Dimensions 44 x 483 x 373 mm
  • Weight: 6 kg


Practical, central, intelligent: The 19 inch 1 RU L 6000 charging station delivers power centrally and directly in the rack. Up to four freely selectable charging modules can accommodate two bodypack or handheld battery packs each (a total of 8 charging ports for battery packs BA 60, BA 61 or BA 62). Three-color LEDs give a quick overview of the charging status. The intelligent control system prevents heat buildup and also offers a mode that optimally charges the batteries for extended storage periods.
The charging station L 6000 has a modular construction and is futureproof: Charging stations for future battery pack types can simply be retrofitted.

Extensive details regarding temperature, remaining charging time, run times, charging cycles and battery quality can be retrieved via the Wireless Systems Manager (WSM).

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