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Used to mount a microphone on an instrument, the GSM4000 Gooseneck Mount is a combination of an 11.5 cm (4.5 in) long gooseneck and shock mount. You can use it together with your choice of instrument clip from our extensive range, so you can easily attach the Gooseneck Mount to your specific instrument.
The Gooseneck Mount is intended for use with any d:dicate™ Recording Microphone that fits into the holder. The versatile gooseneck provides stable and repeatable positioning. The GSM4000 has an integrated shock mount solution ensuring the perfect sound is not affected by, for example, handling noise. This mount can be used for close-miking instruments in the studio or for live performances.

This Gooseneck Mount allows you to create a wireless solution with your favorite d:dicate™ Recording Microphone. A d:dicate™ Microphone Capsule can be attached to a MMP-G Modular Active Cable, which then connects seamlessly onto the GSM4000 Gooseneck Mount. If you are looking for a wired solution, an XLR preamplifier version, the MMP-E Modular Active Cable for d:dicate™, is also available.

Please note all prices are exclusive of VAT
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