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EMO E622 DISTRIBUTION FLOOR BOX | Powercon ~ 6x 13a w/ RCBO

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  • 6 x UK 13A overcurrent protected outlet
  • 20A Powercon input and output, 20A overcurrent thermal circuit breaker,
  • with 16A overall RCBO
  • supply present indicator,
  • Integral handle and M10 mounting point for mounting clamps.
  • Weight: 1.2 kg


A non-rack mounted solution for on-stage use to power either musician backline, truss or fly bar mounted in theatre or touring applications. All models are housed in a robust steel enclosure with an integrated carrying handle that also acts to prevent accidental tripping and damage to the circuit breakers. LED Supply Present Indicator features on all models with Powercon input and loop output on the side panels to allow for units to be daisy-chained. In the event of a circuit breaker tripping, the pass through of power to the next unit is not affected. The E621 is fitted with a 15 Amp Over Current Thermal Breaker but the E622 is fitted with a 16 Amp RCBO giving both overcurrent and earth leakage protection, especially useful when connecting equipment with unknown maintenance history.

Please note all prices are exclusive of VAT
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