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PROLiGHTS Smart BatWash - IP65 rated LED battery or wired Wash Light

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  • 15x20W RGB + Warm White LED source, powerful 6,282-lumen output high CRI (>93)
  • Range of holographic filters that modify the shape of the beam angle
  • Lux: 4'451lx @5 m full
  • CRI: > 95 @3200K ; > 93 @5600K
  • Battery: 16,8V lithium
  • Estimated battery life: Selectable 3h / 6h / 8h / 12h / 16h / 18h
  • Re-charge connection: Directly from the mains power or magnetic fast-charge in case
  • Re-charge time: 5h/max
  • Battery status: shown on display
  • IP rating: 65 for temporary outdoor application
  • Weight: 10 kg


15x20W LED Wash Light, IP65 rated, with an RGB + Warm White LED source, wirelessly controlled with battery or wired with mains power

The Smart BatWash is a high-powered LED Wash light that can be operated wirelessly or wired.
This IP65 Wash Light has 15 x 20W RGB + Warm White LED emitters, and it's Spektra™ calibrated to guarantee consistency, high-quality white values (CRI >93), a dynamic array of true colours with smooth colour mixing, and a powerful 6,282-lumen output.
The Smart BatWash is very flexible - it can be used wirelessly with the built-in battery, using CRMX or W-DMX or, alternatively, wired with power and data cables, bypassing the battery and enabling higher brightness levels.
The beam angle can easily be adjustable through a magnetic beam shaper filter, allowing a broader coverage whilst keeping a high output. The Smart BatWash has all the software features of the Ecl range, sharing the same user settings and capabilities.

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