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  • Range: 88 miles
  • Top Speed: 28mph
  • Charge Time: 10A ~ 8h | 16A 6h
  • Battery Capacity: 12KWh
  • Power: 16KW / 21.7HP
  • Drive: 2WD or 4WD
  • Length: 2850mm
  • Width: 1470mm
  • Height: 1800mm
  • Wheelbase: 1900mm
  • Ground Clearance: 320mm
  • Tyres (Front & Rear): 25*8-12 & 25*10-12 •
  • Load area / Tub : 1390 x 900 x 350mm
  • Cargo Payload: 200kg
  • Towing capacity: 750kg (Combination Ball and Pin Hitch)
  • Flashing Safety Beacon
  • Rear Mounted Working Light
  • Flashing Strobe Lights (Front and Rear)
  • Weight: 900 kg


An electric UTV is an eco-friendly utility vehicle suited for many industries, ideal for transporting goods and travelling across rough terrain.

The ELECTRIC UTV Nipper® is an all-terrain, environmentally friendly, road-legal utility vehicle with zero emissions and an electric tipping cargo box feature.

This nifty electric UTV is perfect for industries such as agriculture, farming, equestrian, conservation, and events. It excels as a versatile 4×4 vehicle, adept at traversing off-road expanses, muddy fields, and undulating terrain, causing minimal impact on the land. Its prowess extends to navigating inclines, and low water with ease.

Please note all prices are exclusive of VAT
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